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Jep Hostetler is a retired Professor of Anatomy from the Ohio State University College of Medicine, where for nearly thirty years he taught, conducted research and published in medical journals. He has long been a popular public speaker and writer on the relationship between humor, health and healing--his oral presentations themselves being comic gems. His latest book, The Joy Factor, was published in 2010. He is a professional magician, having served as International President of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. He and his friend Glen Miller have a weekly blog:  He and his wife Joyce moved to Goshen, Indiana four years ago.

Come join us for an insightful and entertaining evening with this renowned author and speaker.

LOCATION: Bremen VFW                  TIME: 6:00 pm Cash Bar                          1750 W. Plymouth St                6:30 pm dinner                       Bremen, IN  46506                    Polish Style Dinner                  $25.00 per Person       PRE-PAID IN ADVANCE

                                                    BY MONDAY, MARCH 2, 2015


Monday, March 2, 2015


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FREE Webinar Recordings Now Available

In case you missed a Webinar, a free recording is available on the PHCC Educational Foundation Resource Center at .




     G. W. Berkheimer's website for their training schedule is:

     Indiana Supply's website for their training schedule is:  http://www.indianasupplyserviceone2011-2012.doc

     Mid-City Supply Company's website for their training schedule is:



HVAC classes at the Elkhart Career Center, 2424 California Rd., Elkhart, IN 46514, are held on Mondays from 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. starting in September.  For more information, call Heather Erlacher at the Elkhart Career Center 574-262-5678.

2014 Indiana Plumbing Examination Program

Once an apprentice has completed the apprenticeship program and the school has certified he/she has passed the practical examination, an application to sit for the exam is sent to the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency.  Once they approve the application, they notify ICC and the candidate is assigned a number.  That number is used to go online and the candidate will register to take the exam.  There is a Candidate Information Bulletin which is designed to answer your questions about the test.  That bulletin is available at  If you have further questions contact ICC at 866-750-2579. 

Where to apply:  Indiana Plumbing Commission, 402 W. Washington St., Room W072, Indianapolis, IN  46204 and their telephone no. is (317) 234-3022.  Once approved, you will receive notice that you are authorized to schedule and pay for your examination. 

The Indiana Professional Licensing agency has outsourced the written section of the Journeyman and Plumbing Contractors exam to the International Code Council (ICC).  The ICC Indiana Exams are all offered by computer at a network of testing centers across the State operated by ICC testing partner PROV.  The exams are being given at IUSB South Bend, IN on Tuesdays and Thursday at 8:30 am.  Please call ICC at 866-750-2579 to schedule a test date.

The computer system is easy to use and allows candidates to take their test using either the keyboard or mouse.  The Cost of the Plumbing Contractor examination is $150 and the cost of the Journeyman Plumber examination is $130.

All of the Indiana Plumbing exams are delivered in an Open Book format.  Open book means that you are permitted to bring in certain references to use during your test event.  Each book that you bring in will be checked prior to the start of your exam.  You may bring the 1999 Indiana Plumbing Code and the Indiana Contractors Business Law Reference.

Things that you should bring to the testing center include the following:

  1. Identification (A current and valid photo bearing identification):

  • Driver's License

  • Passport

  • Military ID

    2.    Approved References:

  • 1999 Indiana Plumbing Code; Indiana Contractors Business and Law Reference

   3.    Eye Glasses: 

  • Eye glasses or a magnifying glass if necessary, (dark glasses or sunglasses are not allowed)

   4.   Calculator:

  • You are permitted to bring a simple four function (add, subtract, multiply and divide) calculator to you testing session.  Simple typically means that the calculator is non-programmable, does not have special features that do the calculations for you, does not produce any tape, and is self-powered.

  • Note:  Cell phones or MP3 players may NOT be used as calculators.

When you complete your test, the proctor will print out and provide you with a score report.  This score report will be your official score letter from ICC although passing candidates can return to ICC's scoring website to print additional copies of score results from the following web link:


To access your passing results, you will need to provide your candidate ID and Last Name.  You candidate ID will be either your ICC ID provided on your original score letter, or your SSN (if provided).

Statewide Energy Stimulus Program

The state's energy conservation proposal to use nearly $132 million in federal stimulus funding to help more than 30,000 low-income Hoosier house holds has been approved by the U.S. Department of Energy.

This new program, combined with annual weatherization programs operated by the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority (IHCDA), will be 11 times the current annual weatherization programs.  Within the next two weeks, energy auditors will begin evaluations of households to determine energy needs.  To date, the state has trained 190 energy auditors and 483 contractors.  The state will have exceeded its training goals by the end of September.

Eligible house holds, which must be at or below 150 percent of the federal poverty level, will be notified of their participation.  Following the audit, homeowners may receive energy savings equipment such as programmable thermostats, insulation, new furnaces or hot water heaters.  A state quantity purchasing plan will be used to purchase those materials in bulk using the state's Buy Indiana initiative, to the extent allowable by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act legislation.

Expenditures of up to $5,000 per household will be made.  It is expected that about 2,000 contractors will be used to complete the work in Indiana households.  Go to for more information.



Online Renewal Information for Journeyman Plumbers and Plumber Contractors

  • You may renew your license(s) online 24 hrs. a day/7 days a week with the IPLA online renewal service, paying with your Visa, Discover or MasterCard credit or debit card.  To expedite the renewal process, we recommend that you renew online.

  • Your login ID will be your license number - including both letters and numbers.  Your password will be your Social Security Number without spaces or dashes. 

  • The renewal fee for a Journeyman Plumber is $30.  Additional online processing fees apply.

  • The renewal fee for a Plumber Contractor is $100.  Additional online processing fees apply.

  • You may update your address, email, & phone numbers during the online renewal process.

  • The online renewal process takes only minutes to complete and your renewal will be processed and available for verification the next business day.

Online Renewal Information for Plumbing Corporations

  • You may renew your license(s) online 24 hrs. a day/7 days a week with IPLA online renewal service, paying with your Visa, Discover or MasterCard credit or debit card.  To expedite the renewal process, we recommend that you renew online.

  • Your login ID and password will be your Plumbing Corporation license number - including both letters and numbers.

  • The renewal fee for a Plumbing Corporation is $100.  Additional online processing fees apply.

  • The online renewal process takes only minutes to complete and your renewal will be processed and available for verification the next business day.

If you have any questions, you may contact  the IPLA by email at pla10@pla.IN.bov or visit them at



The Importance of Training










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